innovation management institute

WHERE:   Astro Studios
348 6th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

WHEN: Saturday, September 29, 2012
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

WHAT: We'll form teams as we play a multi-level game ...
through which we'll explore potential futures of fashion design and retail ...
while competing to develop future fashion lines, shopping experiences, and more!

WHO: Future of Fashion Gameference is not just for Fashion Designers.
It benefits ...
  • Retail + Merchandising Pros
  • E-Commerce + M-Commerce Trailblazers
  • Entrepreneurs + Technology Innovators
  • 3D Artists + Virtual-Fitting-Room Gurus
  • Game Creators + User Experience Designers
  • Robotics and Just-in-Time Manufacturing Inventors
  • Anyone who loves Fashion and wants to shape the future!

FEATURING:  Julian Keith Loren, Funky Trousers Collector + Gamemaster Extraordinaire
Laura Maish, "Victoria's Trade Secret" + Business Interviewing Coach
Valerie Lanard, Biz-Geek Comfort-Chic Fitness Entrepreneur
Michelle Dawson, Material Sculptress + Strategy Hacker
Bill Storage, Irregular Clothing Super Model + Multidisciplinarian
Adam Elmaghraby, Bespoke Afrique: The Experience


Future of Fashion Gameference will be an unforgettable journey into a world of fashion in the making. 


We'll explore trends and signals including:

+ In-home + In-store 3D Body Scanning

+ Virtual Fitting Rooms and Fitting Robots

+ Just-in-Time Fabric Printing, Cutting, and Garment Assembly

+ Mass-Customization

+ Co-Creation + “Crowd Design”

+ Sustainability, Local Sourcing, and Fair Trade


Through multiple game levels, we'll create:

+ Innovative retail solutions, including eCommerce, mCommerce (mobile), and brick + mortar.

+ New fashion shopping experiences 

+ New roles for the designer and other fashion professionals

+ New clothing line plans, brand strategies, service models, and business models

+ A sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical and profitable future of fashion!


Play the Gameference: Have fun! Be inspired! Shape the future!


SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the encore Future of Fashion Gameference!

Gameferences are unforgettable!

Who's coming?

As of 10 pm on 9/27/2012. Full list here.

Justin Zhang
Vanessa Gabriel
Alison Lewis
David Neilson
Michelle Dawson, BeerD
Oluwadara Johnson
Andrea Ho
Felicia Lesmana
Eliane Fiolet, Ubergizmo
Simon Frid, Wingspan Labs, Twitter: @fridiculou5
Daniel Lee, / SK Planet
Jessica Jordan, Color, Twitter: @color
Julia Willson
Gwendolyn Rose, Twitter: pengwen
Juan Rubio,
Bo McFarland, Xenogene, Twitter: @bo
Kristi McFarland, Peet's
Gwendolyn Wright, The Wright Consultants
Lorraine Sanders, Digital Style Digest
Brad Carrick, SOLZ Shoes + Lord Bertram, PC
Chayong "CY" Um, / SK Planet
Gunwoo Kim, / SK Planet
Michael Lesniak, / SK Planet
Hannah Hale, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Lam Mung Lar, California College of the Arts, Twitter: @worktolivedaily
Zoe Corneli, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Twitter: zoecorneli
Cheryl Chan
Allison Stoloff, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Kathleen Wark, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Zipho Sikhakhane
Sirisha Prathipati, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Jeff Michels, RebellionLab, Twitter: @RebellionLab
Dominique Piotet, RebellionLab, Twitter: @rebellionlab
Ingy Elkhoraibie
Arnaud Saint-Paul, Smartsy, Twitter: @arnaudsaintpaul
Rosa Li
Amanda Bradford, Twitter: pearlouise
Jill Gilbert, Living in Digital Times
Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, Prestige China, 360Fashion + The Open-Page Company, Twitter: @JoannaRileyW
Haley Toelle, Lytro
Kishori De, California College of the Arts, Twitter: @kishoride
Robert Burns Nixon, SFFAMA, Fashion + Tech SF
Owen Geronimo, SFFAMA, Fashion + Tech SF, SF Fashion Week, Twitter: @owengeronimo
Bertrand Racine, The North Face
Lina Urbain, FICO, Twitter: @UxLulu
Elaine Wu, FALOSOPHIE, Twitter:
Alex Peake, Primer Labs + Tactical Corsets, Twitter: @lxpk
Rebecca Malkin Chocron, Levi Strauss & Co.
Mary Wharmby, Replicon
Ritu Narayan, eBay, Twitter: @ritun
Ihssan Abukhalaf, LimeTech
Keld Lundgaard
Jane Willis, Jane Willis Marketing
Lexie Tiongson, The Elle Tee, Twitter: theElleTee
Samantha Yee, Sam Goes Glam, Twitter: samgoesglam
Chris York, blankshoppe, Twitter: @blankshoppe
Rachel Fischbein
Andrea Vinkler, Agota Hodi Apparels
Agota Hodi, Agota Hodi Apparels
Georgia Schultz, Beezhoo

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Julian Keith Loren is a thought-leader in e-commerce, innovation management and entrepreneurship. Last year, he contributed to an article on the Future of Fashion by Annette Kramer (who was then at fashion robot pioneer This collaboration created the initial inspiration for a Future of Fashion Gameference.

At the same time, Julian was co-designing a Gameference about potential futures of health with a stellar team at Institute for the Future (led by the late, great, and dearly-missed Vivian Distler). This event demonstrated the power and fun of "Future of ..." Gameferences.

One year and over 20 Gameferences later, the Innovation Management Institute team is delighted to present the World Premiere of the Future of Fashion Gameference--a marvelous game that will expand your perspectives and may transform your future!

Game on!

Image: SMOKEDRESS by Anouk Wipprecht.